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Delores Powell

A children's book author of The Cool Kid With A Secret. Her purpose and goal is to help all children that feel like they have some type of disconnect in the classroom, whether it's a learning disability or just not feeling up to par with their physical looks. Delores know that it is every teacher's goal to make all of their students feel special, but we all know that's a hard task to accomplish.


It's become her personal goal to reach out to every student of all ages, letting them know no matter what your shortcomings are, you're special and one of a kind. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything you want in life. This is the reason why she chose to become a children's book author,

trying to reach as many kids as possible.


You can help her with this goal in many ways by spreading the word, purchasing a book for your school library or for a child you know. Not only can teachers help children, but if you empower a child, they too can help their peers. 

About the Author

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